Providing Architectural Model Building Services for over 38 years.

About Architectural Precision Models (APM)

This is a full service architectural model making company owned by Linda K. Murphy, a model builder with 40 years of experience.

Our scale models feel real and draw in clients at a gut level. It’s all about making the sale. APM knows how to do that.

I create visual communication through model building. My scale models have been used for urban development planning, engineering of complex designs, and the selling of dreams. Single family home architects use finished and/or block form models to show their clients how the structure will look on a particular site and this makes a calmer construction process. In this digital age with so many sophisticated rendering tools, a physical scale model is still the best way to bring two dimensional plans to life, move projects through planning departments, and finally make the sale.

Why Use APM

Our bids are all inclusive, from design to the installation of the scale model.

  • Architectural Precision Models (APM) can take any set of plans and turn every corner. In 40 years I’ve never received a complete set with every single detail on it. I find these blanks when I’m building the models and know how to fix them without having to bother the architect for minor information. This saves both of us time and trouble.
  • Our company uses the latest technologies. Our CAD department specializes in Rhino conversion for laser cutting and 3D printing, but if needed, we can provide traditional model building services. I have a 40 year skill set for hand cutting and paint mixing to create the appropriate scale of color and texture. Why? because in some cases, clients cannot afford to produce drawings suitable for Rhino digital format.
  • My scale models are sturdy and can be easily updated as plans change. Many times, I have replaced simple massing blocks with more complete detailed structures.
  • My models are transportable and can travel to as many meetings and countries as you have clients. I build all of my own shipping crates and use FED EX express and freight for quick delivery.
  • For complex scale model installations, I can travel on site to insure an orderly installation of your new model or update an existing model. I am accustomed to traveling with the right tools and working in public.

Companies hire me because of the unique appearance of my scale models and because they don’t have to micromanage the job once I receive the start drawings.

With 40 years of experience building scale models under my belt, I’m very adept and quick at solving problems. This translates to lower pricing for my clients, and they always get the product they need for successful sales and communication with their development or educational community. I have a variety of return clients.

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