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Letterkenny Army Depot, Chambersburg, PA

This model was purchased by the county as a gift to Letterkenny Army Depot for a celebration. It arrived as a raw cut topography that APM purchased from our favorite cnc topography company. It was shipped directly to the LetterKenny crated in 3 pieces. The wood stand was coordinated for size and built by a local contractor in Pennsylvania.
Linda arrived, stayed locally and worked for 8 days to transform the empty topography into an accurate model with current information. This topography is a view of the base and its functions inclusive of 930 storage bunkers and all the roads and fence lines.
This is a flexible and useful tool for explanation of the Army site use as it is very large land mass with restricted access.

Scale: 1″ = 400′

To the right, a view of the after it had been placed on its stand and the three topographic sections were joined. Images below, sections of the topographic model before joining and description of the depot’s